Monday, 27 February 2012

Flexible AMOLED - What's the current status?

Flexible AMOLED is on its way but what is... Flexible AMOLED?

Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) is a technology which involves each pixel
within the display being controlled individually in order to generate light when an electrical charge is received, this results in vastly improved contrast ratios, higher resolution, thinner displays and lower power consumption, than traditional LCD displays. Now imagine all of this improved technology, but within a bendable, flexible display!!

What devices would be suitable for a Flexible AMOLED screen?

Cell phones are set to be the first devices which will incorporate flexible AMOLED screens, that
consumers will have the chance to experience. Other uses  for flexible technology will follow shortly
afterwards, as the technology develops. Imagine curved services in your home that would benefit from some sort of display or even wallpaper that may incorporate displays within it. Clothes incorporating flexible displays are also a big possibility.

Samsung Flexible OLEDs - Lead the way

As most people have seen, it looks as though Samsung will be the first manufacturer to be able to
produce flexible AMOLED phones for consumers. The rumour is that Samsung will announce its
flexible phone range at sometime this year.

So what will the phone be like?

Samsung Flexible AMOLED phone - aka Samsung flexi

The Samsung flexible AMOLED phone or Samsung Flexi as it is known, is a new concept that may well
be as thin as paper. The display will be flexible as its name suggests, the phone being able to flex, twist and bend but not necessarily bend to a large degree. This makes sense as you can imagine a device which bends frequently can become brittle.

Flexible phone technology has got to be good news, especially if you are the type of person to regularly drop your cell phone. Lets hope that this phone will also be scratch resistant and not easy to damage when in your pocket amongst other items.

Some of the Samsung Flexi specifications are said to be a possibe 800×480 pixel resolution screen measuring 4 inch, based on Super-Amoled or Super-Amoled-Plus Display with 720p HD video and a
taylor made flexi android OS.

As we move closer to this technology being readily available, the possibility of transparent AMOLED flexible displays are now also becoming a reality.

Flexible AMOLED Televisions - Are these a reality?

Well as the flexible technology develops it is inevitable that we will see flexible AMOLED televisions, however is the use of flexible technology as important for a television as it is for a cell phone?
TVs tend to stay static on a wall or on a stand, whereas phones need to be portable and are handheld. From a consumer point of view a flexible TV screen may be useful in a home that may have curved walls, with the owner wishing to hang the screen on the wall. Another possibility is the gaming arena, with a flexible display adding a new dimension to gaming.

Whatever it used for, flexible AMOLED technology is an exciting prospect.


  1. I don’t see a use for this tech in the home, other than perhaps the lightweight screen meaning less damage to the wall for hanging. I look forward to the introduction of OLED to the mainstream market, because the possibilities for this tech are so exciting, especially the response and contrast ratio. We watch a lot of sports at my house and now that all of our TVs are HD, we take advantage of the 200+ HD channels with DISH. Ever since I started working for DISH 6 years ago I have seen the HD offering grow so fast and now we only watch HD. Ever since it became free for life too my bill is lower and that really helps in a recession. Now that so many people are getting HDTV, it will be interesting to see when those people will be interested in upgrading again. Perhaps the limited lifespan of LCD and Plasma will stimulate that need, compared to the 25 year lifespan of the old CRT models.

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